[Best Selling Latest Car Accessories Online]-Full Option
[Best Selling Latest Car Accessories Online]-Full Option
[Best Selling Latest Car Accessories Online]-Full Option
[Best Selling Latest Car Accessories Online]-Full Option
[Best Selling Latest Car Accessories Online]-Full Option
[Best Selling Latest Car Accessories Online]-Full Option
[Best Selling Latest Car Accessories Online]-Full Option
[Best Selling Latest Car Accessories Online]-Full Option
[Best Selling Latest Car Accessories Online]-Full Option
[Best Selling Latest Car Accessories Online]-Full Option

Full Option Wireless Charger

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Full Option Wireless Phone Charger for Cars

The All New 2020 Full Option Wireless Car Charger Redefines Innovative Technology Combined With Inspirational Design.
Full Option Charger Comes With a Dash Mount and Vent Mount. It Comes With 360 Degree Turn and Delivers Up To 15 Watts of Charging Power! Quick and Easy to Install.
The Future of Wireless Charging Has Arrived! In the Form of The Elegant and Practical Full Option Charger

Available In Brown Leather, Black Leather, Silver LED

No More MAGNETS And DEAD PHONES! The Future of phone charging!

Still driving with a phone in your hand? Studies show using your mobile device while driving is six times more dangerous then intoxicated driving.

Phone always out of batteries? Driving a vehicle with a dead phone can be chaotic, especially when your phone is your main navigational tool on the road.

Worried about your phone case being too thick? Our cases will work with almost all cases, the maximum charging distance is a quarter of an inch. We will issue you a full refund if your phone case does not work with our charger! Please note any magnets on the back of your phone may block the charging components

With Full Option You Stay Comfortable While Your Phone Stays Fully Visible and Fully Charged! Be safe and smart with Full Option!




Package includes both Vent Mount and Dash Mount




 1. QI Wireless Charging
Wireless charging is possible without connecting the ISB cable directly to your phone, so you can focus on driving or working without worrying about the battery.

Up to 15W of High-speed wireless charging which is 1.5 times faster than your average 10W wireless chargers.

2. Auto Sensor
Equipped with an advanced IR Sensor (Infrared Ray Sensor), auto-clamps when you place your phone near the wireless charger.

Infrared detection sensor ON/OFF function added. Click the button on the back of the main unit to power ON/OFF.

3. Securely releases your smartphone with a touch of a button
When you are ready to detach your phone simply press the side button, the auto-clamp will open automatically and you can easily remove your phone with one hand.

4. Wireless Charging ON/OFF Features
This feature is used when you are fully charged and want to stop wireless charging but want to just mount your mobile phone. You can turn on/off the wireless charging function by pressing the detachable button for more than 3 seconds.

5. Includes Dash Mount and Air Vent Mount
Two different mounting options are provided in the Full Option wireless chargers, so you can mount it anyway that suits you best.

6. 360° Rotation and Various Angle Adjustment
The screw holder attached to the charger rotates the phone freely, allowing it to be mounted horizontally or vertically.

7. Strong Mount Supporter
With the strong support of the holder, the clip securely holds even the bumps and stops so the smartphone does not fall.

8. Various Usage (dashcam app phone holder, for back seat passengers, even at home)
It can be conveniently used as a mount for passengers and children in the back seat.

9. Mobile Phone Charging and Simultaneous Operation Support
Simultaneous support of mobile phone operation while charging mobile phone
When calling, navigation, music control

10. Smart Protection

  • Smart IC - Built-in smart chip intelligently detects device type and delivers the optimal current for safe and efficient charging
  • Voltage Protection - When charger input voltage is lower or exceeds the rated voltage, charging will stop and the red light turns on
  • Output Current Protection - When output current exceeds the rates current, charging will stop and red light turns on
  • Output Over Voltage Protection - When charger output voltage exceeds the rates voltage, charging will stop and the red light turns on
  • Foreign Object Detection - When wireless charger detects a metal foreign object, the red light turns on and the device will stop charging to avoid overheating

11. Charging Status can be checked with LED Indicators

  • Self-test at Startup - Red and blue lights flash alternately

  • Standby Mode - Red light

  • Charging/Charging Complete - Blue light

  • Foreign Object Detected - Red and blue indicators light up


  • Intelligent Protection
  • Application: Cell Phone/Airpods/Camera/PDA/MP3 with wireless charging capabilities
  • Certification: QI, CE, FCC, ROHS, KC, SASO
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Diameter SIZE: 80 mm
  • Weight: 250g
  • Charging distance: 0.02-0.24 inch (4-6.0 mm, within 8 mm)
  • Charging efficiency: >80%
  • Output Power: Max 15W (Supports 10W, 7.5W,5W)
  • Input: QC3.0 & 12V-1.5A/9V-2A
  • Output:15W max
  • USB Port: C-Type
  • Colors: Silver LED, Brown Leather, Black Leather

NOTE: Our leather chargers are made of PU (Polyurethane) leather aka Artificial Leather.

NOTE: Please keep in mind this product does not run on batteries so it must be plugged in to work.


  1. Full Option Wireless Charger
  2. Dashboard Suction Holder
  3. Air Vent Clip
  4. C-Type Micro USB Cable (39 Inches)
  5. Screw Holder




 Applicable with ALL NEWER MODELS that have wireless components.


All USA orders will be shipped from Chicago IL.


USPS First Class Mail 2-3 business days

International Shipping Coming soon!


Which mount will my charger come with?

All orders come with both vent mount and dash mount.

Will it work for my iPhone or Samsung?

Yes! It works with all phones that have wireless charging components. Which is included in all the phones listed in applicable models and newer. If your phone doesn't work for some reason we will give you 100% refund!

Can I use it on my windshield?

Yep! You can use the dash mount to attach it to your windshield!

Does the product come with any warranty?

Full Option Wireless Charger comes with a 1 year warranty!

Do I need a USB port for my charger to work?

Yes, it must be powered by a USB cord which is included in the package. Our charger requires a C-Type Port which can connect to a USB port in your car or from your car lighter charger.

Can I get super charge on my Samsung phone?

Yes! Our chargers comes with 15 W of charging speed so you can get Fast Charge on your phone but unfortunately you must use a fast charging wire and fast port charger.

Is it made of real leather?

Unfortunately our products are PU (Polyurethane) leather aka Artificial Leather.

Will it charge my Airpod?

Yes it can charge Airpods but it does not fit unless you have a thicker case on.